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Jay Ryan has Squirrels, Cricket Press has Robots
September 18th, 2006 | Link

Cricket Press in Lexington, Kentucky, do silk-screened band posters, art prints, cards and a bunch of other delicious stuff. I’m in love with their Robots card set and posterand the fact that they always throw in a little something extra in your order.

eMusic Saves the Day
September 4th, 2006 | Link

A couple of months ago, I was ready to give up on music. I’ve supported bands for years, in the usual ways—going to shows, buying music—and also as a writer, photographer, and general benefactor. I’ve fed them, picked them up at the hospital when they’ve rolled their vans, and put them up on my floor. Along the way, their music has been an integral part of my life, and so have some of the musicians.

But then the music industry got in the way. Between treating the people who have faithfully supported its acts as criminals, going out of its way to prevent us from listening to music that we’ve purchased the way that we want to listen to it, and potentially exposing our computers to security flaws in their efforts to accomplish this, I had reached the point where I no longer wanted to buy music.

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Vintage Canadian Music Scene Notes
September 3rd, 2006 | Link

Further discoveries in the search for my lost music years…

I feel slightly sorry for the guy who wrote the bio of Jr. Gone Wild at the All Music Guide, trying to keep the line-up straight from album to album. Thank goodness Steve Roby’s comprehensive history of the band is still around.

eMusic has all three of Jr. Gone Wild’s Stoney Plain releases available (in non-DRM MP3, no less!), but Less Art, More Pop is still nowhere to be found in digital format. BYO Records still sells the vinyl. Carolyn Mark did a sweet cover of their song “Slept All Afternoon”, one of my favourites, on The Pros and Cons of Collaboration.

And speaking of long-gone Edmonton bands (and former Jr. Gone Wild members) (if more former SNFU members), The Wheat Chiefs’ 1996 album Redeemer has recently been made available at the iTunes music store. That made me rush over and buy the first track, "Redeem", even if it is DRMed, because I have no idea how long ago my own copy of that CD disappeared from my collection but I’ve missed it. Now I’ll be jumping all over the house tomorrow listening to it much too loudly.

I only wish the Jellyfishbabies would show up reissued somewhere in digital format, though I see that former frontman Scott Kendall has (finally) resurfaced in Vancouver’s Babies with Rabies (not to be confused with the band of the same name from Washington, D.C.). Unfortunately I don’t think BWR is doing much for me.

And the last surprise of the day—wow—my old friend (and another former Jr. Gone Wild member) Steve Loree got married! Now if I could only find his email address to congratulate him…

The Crazy Hands of Time
September 2nd, 2006 | Link

I don’t know if it is part of a mid-life crisis or what, but recently I’ve been trying to recall the names of all the bands I ever saw play live. This is no small feat, considering that between 1986 and 1989—the height of my band photography "career"—there were a couple of Calgary clubs I practically lived at, seeing two or more bands a night three or four nights a week. And then there were two years at SXSW music, and a number of folk festivals and other music festivals—I can’t keep them all straight in my head.

But as I’ve wracked my brain trying to remember names (and, worse, whether I actually saw them, or only think I did because I should have, given the place and time), and spent some time on Google trying to track down some names, I’ve stumbled on some rather entertaining stuff.

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